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The 1,655 hectare Dunwell property is part of a highly strategic package of mineral claims acquired by American Creek in 2016 which includes the past producing Dunwell Mine (closed in 1941). The Portland Canal valley was the first area to be explored in the Stewart region and is so rich with showings that a checker board of small claim ownership has existed for a better part of a century resulting in a lack of large scale geological work and development. It is evident that large scale potential exists.

Companies started to amalgamate these claims into bigger blocks and through numerous transactions American Creek was able acquire three consolidated properties and add more claims to them in 2018. These contiguous properties, now renamed as The Dunwell Mine Property covers a significant portion of the heavily mineralized Portland Canal Fissure Zone (a zone of faulting and shearing that trends north dips steeply west and hosts a vein system that extends southward for 6.5 kilometres from the Victoria/Dandy occurrence on the north, through the Dunwell mine across Glacier Creek to the Ben Boldt Occurrence).