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“It certainly looks like they have 20 million ounces and they could easily get to 30 or 40 or 50 million ounces (of gold)"

– Eric Sprott, July 24, 2020 –


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Note: There are eight sections to Treaty Creek in the blue menu above.  Jim McCrea P.Geo has reviewed and approves the information for the Dunwell Property.

Treaty Creek hosts potential for multiple district scale deposits starting with the Goldstorm zone with higher gold grades and much better logistics than the neigbouring KSM deposits (Seabridge).  The 2020 drill program started on May 11th and consists of 40,000m of diamond drilling designed to deliniate a deposit suitable for open pit operations.  

The Treaty Creek property is located within one of the largest hydrothermal systems in the world. The Sulphurets Hydrothermal System (SHS) contains numerous world scale deposits including the high-grade Brucejack mine (opened 2017 by Pretivm) and Seabridge’s KSM which boasts the largest undeveloped gold deposit by reserves in the world, and numerous mineralized zones on Treaty Creek.

The southern half of the system contains 188m oz gold, 1.2 bn oz silver, 55bn lbs. copper in resources all categories included. In proven & probable reserves those numbers are 47m oz gold, 214m oz silver, and 10bn lbs copper. New resources are being added and current resources are being converted over to reserves. 

The northern half of the system covers Treaty Creek and has similar geophysical, geological, and structural signatures as the southern half but is blessed to be "on the right side of the mountain" only 20km down a valey to the highway (90 minutes to a shipping port) and high transmition power lines. The entire Sulphurets Hydrothermal System is connected at depth with strong indications that the north half has similar scale and potential. This projection is backed by a government geological report stating Treaty Creek’s potential to be “B.C.’s next big discovery”. -Kyba 2014.

Tudor Golds Vice President of Project Development is Ken Konkin, the former head geologist for Pretivm, who just spent the last 8 years developing and putting the Brucejack mine into production (some 6km south of Treaty).  In 2019 he brought his knowledge, experience, and expertise of the Sulphurets Hdrotehrmal System to develop the deposits in it's northern half.  Konkin not only believes the northern half has potential for similar scale deposits but the assays are showing the gold (and gold equivalent) values get stronger the further north in the SHS (located on Treaty Creek). During a recent presentation at the Beaver Creek Precious Metals Summit Konkin stated that he believes that the 2020 drill program will make the Goldstorm zone comparable with the Snowfield deposit (located 2km south of Treaty Creek).  The Snowfield (Pretium) contains 1.37 billion tonnes of rock holding 25.9 million measured and indicated ounces of gold and another 9 million inferred ounces of gold for a total of 35 million ounces!  The difference being the Goldstorm on Treaty Creek has a higher grade and is far better logistically.

Treaty Creek is joint ventured project. Tudor Gold is the operator of the project. American Creek Resources has a 20% carried interest in the project until a production notice is given. That means Tudor Gold carries the full costs of exploration and American Creek is not obliged to dilute or contribute any money towards the project until production notice. A carried interest is therefore worth far more than a general interest.  The president of Tudor Gold is Walter Storm who financed the start up and development of Osisko Mining (Malartic mine that sold for $4.5bn Canadian).

Highlights of holes on the Goldstorm & Copper Belle zones (working towards a resource calculation) are listed below.  Many of the holes listed below end in mineralization.  There are numerous wide intervals with higher grades for a porphyry deposit. The strongest mineralized horizions occur near sufrace in the uppermost parts of the mineralized body. 

  • Hole GS-20-65: 1.161 g/t Gold Eq over 930 meters including 2.12 g/t Gold Eq over 348 meters

  • Hole GS-20-57: 0.845 g/t Gold Eq over 973 meters including 1.40 g/t Gold Eq over 217.5 meters

  • Hole GS-20-64: 0.983 g/t Gold Eq over 550.55 meters including 1.482 g/t Gold Eq over 154.5 meters

  • Hole GS-20-73: 0.932 g/t Gold Eq over 775.5 meters including 1.506 g/t Gold Eq over 229.5 meters

  • Hole GS-20-68: 0.561 g/t Gold Eq over 793.2 meters indluding 0.785 g/t gold Eq over 315 meters

  • Hole GS-20-72: 0.507 g/t Gold Eq over 726 meters

  • Hole GS-19-42: 0.849 g/t Gold Eq over 780 meters including 1.275 g/t gold Eq over 370.5 meters 

  • Hole GS-19-47: 0.697 g/t Gold Eq over 1,081.5 meters including 0.867 g/t gold Eq over 301.5 meters
  • Hole GS-19-52: 0.783 g/t gold Eq over 601.5 meters including 1.062 g/t gold over 336.0 meters

  • Hole GS-19-48: 0.793 g/t gold Eq over 927.0 meters

  • Hole GS-19-49: 0.800 g/t Gold Eq over 826.5 meters including 1.080 g/t gold over 249 meters

  • Hole GS-19-50: 0.681 g/t gold Eq over 577.5 meters

  • Hole CB-18-39: 1.086 g/t gold Eq over 563.8 meters

  • Hole GS-20-69: 0.6 g/t gold Eq over 1,150.5 meters including 0.873 g/t gold Eq over 408 meters

  • Hole GS-20-70: 0.5 g/t gold Eq over 1,218 meters including 0.723 g/t gold Eq over 237 meters

  • Hole GS-20-75: 0.741 g/t gold Eq over 1,152m including 0.968 g/t gold Eq over 414 meters

  • Hole GS-20-78: 0.693 g/t gold Eq over 969.5m including 1.1 g/t gold Eq over 345 meters

  • Hole GS-20-79: 0.595 g/t gold Eq over 1,138m including 0.877 g/t gold Eq over 566 meters  
  • In the above assays 90-95% of the AuEq value comes from gold
  • The following metal prices were used to calculate the Au Eq metal content: Gold $1322/oz, Ag: $15.91/oz, Cu: $2.86/lb. Calculations used the formula Au Eq g/t = (Au g/t) + (Ag g/t x 0.012) + (Cu% x 1.4835). All metals are reported in USD and calculations do not consider metal recoveries. True widths have not been determined as the mineralized body remains open in all directions. Further drilling is required to determine the mineralized body orientation and true widths.


American Creek has not independantly verified the information for the the KSM, Snowfield, and Brucejack deposits and notes that results are not necessarily indicative of what may be found at Treaty Creek.



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