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Seabridge Gold is focusing all of its 2017 KSM drilling on the Iron Cap deposit which has the highest grades of the KSM and could be as big as the Mitchell; which hosts the world’s largest undeveloped gold deposit by reserves.

The Iron Cap could be a game changer for Seabridge in its quest to put the KSM into production. Rudy Fronk, president and CEO of Seabridge Gold, stated the following in his news release:

"We see the potential to make another substantial improvement to KSM's projected economics if we can grow the gold-rich Iron Cap deposit. The first five holes drilled this year are confirming this potential. The widths of mineralization are excellent and the gold grades are much higher than expected…

As the geology of the Iron Cap deposit becomes clearer to us, we are increasingly confident that it will rival the plus billion tonne Kerr and Mitchell deposits in size."

A recent Magnetotelluric survey conducted by Tudor Gold (operator of Treaty Creek) indicates that the same signature of rock found on the Iron Cap zone extends for approximately seven kilometers through Treaty Creek to the Orpiment zone. Tudor Gold presently has three drills turning on a significant drill program designed to delineate a resource calculation (Copper Belle), expand a high-grade VMS system (GR2) and test the underlying mineralization that connects the projects.    

Below is a Seabridge image of their Iron Cap and the locations they’re currently drilling. Added to the image is the border of our adjacent Treaty Creek (yellow) and the approximate area of the overlapping Sulphurets Fault and the Kyba Discovery Line (between red dotted lines), both critical elements in indicating a substantial deposit.




Below is an image showing the Kyba Discovery Line and the Sulphurets Fault which continues north through Seabridge’s deposits onto to the Treaty Creek property.




In summary, the significant points of the Seabridge new release are:

  1. The Iron Cap is now the focus of Seabridge for the KSM.
  2. The grades get better the further north they drill (presently drilling 500m from our boundary).
  3. Seabridge has stated that the mineralized zone is open to the north and at depth (towards us).
  4. Seabridge has stated that the Sulphurets Fault is responsible for the KSM deposits (the fault continues northward onto Treaty Creek).