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Most of you have been with American Creek (AMK) through the brutal mineral exploration sector market crash of 2008, then the lawsuits and appeal (which AMK won), and of course the seemingly endless enduring pain of what is now being called “the longest and worst bear market in gold’s history”.  A harrowing marathon no doubt!

Yet, AMK has survived it all and, in the process, has been able to secure additional prime gold properties - putting itself in a stronger geological position than ever.  Having said that, many are wondering what catalyst(s) will help AMK break out of its current pricing.

Outside of what many experts are now reporting as the much-anticipated signs of the beginnings of a long overdue gold bull market…there are a number of factors at play, but perhaps the single biggest catalyst is what is scheduled to take place in the very near future at our Treaty Creek JV Project.  This is the first year that Ken Konkin (head geologist for the discovery and development of Pretivm’s Brucejack mine next door) is running the exploration on Treaty Creek.  He was a key element in putting that mine into production in 2017 and he firmly believes it can also be done at Treaty Creek.  His objective of developing an open pit gold mine is a huge game changer and has the potential to make Treaty Creek one of the most sought-after properties in Canada. 

Reviewing the report on the Treaty Creek Project is critical for all AMK shareholders and potential investors (click image below):

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We ask that you then do two things:

  1. Phone our office (403-752-4040) and ask questions to help you understand the incredible potential with the new developments and direction that’s being taken.
  1. Share this email with your friends and associates. If you have a broker…send it to him. If you follow an analyst or industry letter writer…send it to them.


Thank you for taking the time to review this important document and we look forward to discussing with you on the phone soon!


Treaty Report: