That’s what a shareholder phoned to tell us.  Usually it’s the other way around.  He had read the recently updated Treaty Creek report and shared it with a couple of friends who had no idea of the scale of opportunity that’s in front of us and they got really excited.  He had also read the Dunwell Mine report and asked when we will start exploration there?  

He was audibly excited about gold breaking through the $1,400 barrier ($1,415.40 USD) for the first time in 6 years.  We’ve recently been flooded with numerous expert’s opinions and articles as to why we’re now at the beginning of the next great bull run in Gold. As investors, we’re sure you’ve seen and read some of them too.   Here’s one example by Brian Lundin (Editor Gold Newsletter):

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We discussed that even without a bull run in gold, tremendous value will be added to our projects this year especially with the Treaty Creek program already up and running.  We also discussed how American Creek owns a fully carried 20% interest in the Treaty Creek JV and Tudor owns 3/5……which should translate to American Creek’s market cap being at a minimum 1/3 of Tudor’s.  This same shareholder pointed out that AMK’s stock is presently undervalued in comparison and to quote him: “we currently have awfully cheap stock”.  I agreed. 

When concluding our conversation, he informed me that “it’s a great time to own American Creek” but of course, I already knew that!