With Eric Sprott's latest $3,000,000 investment announced on Friday he has now personally invested $4.5 million into the Treaty Creek Joint Venture through its operator and 60% owner Tudor Gold.  In a podcast (also on Friday) Eric enthusiastically described the potential of the Treaty Creek project when he made statements like:

“It's drilling a monster play just like the GT Gold play” "The last hole they announced, which was last year, was 563 meters of 1.08 gold"

“It’s in the perfect logistical place to develop it.  The market cap of the company (Tudor) is like under $50 million and yet what we’re shooting for is to define a 10 or 20-million-ounce discovery, so you’re paying nothing for this discovery.”

“So that’s the sort of play that I like where man, if the price of gold goes to $1,700 or $2,000 these plays will look so economically viable and the stock will go up so much, and the analogy I use is Seabridge back in 2000.  I remember buying it at a dollar…and Seabridge went from $1 to $35 dollars!  That is what we are looking for – a dollar to $35 dollars, set you up for life!”

American Creek Resources has a fully carried 20% interest (1/3 of Tudors 60% interest) in the Treaty Creek Joint Venture and has a "free ride" with no associated exploration/development costs until such time as a production notice is given. This puts American Creek shareholders in an extremely favorable leveraged position, especially considering the other exceptional properties it owns including two more in BC's Golden Triangle.  American Creek is presently valued at, and is trading at less than 1/3 of Tudor's present value (Treaty Creek being Tudor's focus and flagship property), offering an even more leveraged opportunity at the moment.

The Goldstorm zone at Treaty Creek has the potential to be a world class gold deposit with lower costs and far better logistics than Seabridges’ adjacent KSM.  According to Sprott, Seabridge set a lot of people up for life and the opportunity for something similar by “paying nothing for the discovery” is right here, right now.

Click the link below for the Sprott podcast.  Tudor/Treaty Creek are discussed beginning at about the 10:07 mark....but we suggest you listen to the whole thing as Eric describes the present gold/silver market in general.  


For details about the Treaty Creek JV please visit our website here:  https://americancreek.com/index.php/projects/treaty-creek/home