This morning gold hit $2,038 Canadian ($1,535 American) and isn’t showing signs of slowing down any time soon.

In fact, analysts across the board are making statements like:

“We’re in the early stages of the “Motherlode of all Gold Rallies”


“For six years, gold has been building energy, stuck in the pressure cooker. And now the lid’s about to come off. And it’s going to blow through the kitchen ceiling.”

Gold Bars

There seems to be countless articles with countless reasons why gold has a long way to go from here and we’re the first to admit we’re not the experts on the topic.  However, there seems to be a consensus that the worst bear market in gold’s history is over and we are in the beginning throws of an equally good bull market.

With all our projects located in Canada, gold hitting all-time highs is significant.  Even small changes in gold pricing can make a massive difference in large scale projects like Treaty Creek.

With silver arguably having far more upside potential than gold, silver-rich projects like the Dunwell Mine have even more potential.

Dunwell Gold and Silver

Image of high-grade gold and silver at the Dunwell Mine


American Creek is well positioned to take advantage of the “Motherlode of all Gold Rallies”.

Let’s enjoy the ride!